Preservation Grants

Helping historical restoration projects succeed


The Northern Pacific Railway Historical Association (NPRHA) awards a limited number of grants each year, in the areas of railway history and the preservation of railway heritage including structures, locomotives, rolling stock, maintenance of way equipment and museum exhibits. Funding for publications, research, outreach, and educational projects would include materials, specialized equipment, and other items necessary to produce the end result, but not pay for labor hours of the developers, other than hired specialists who are not a party to the application. Grant requests for basic software and computer equipment are discouraged. The maximum individual award is $5,000. Applicants are restricted to one application annually and may be either individuals or organizations knowledgeable in Northern Pacific Railway (NPR) history and operations. Consideration may be given to material relating to historical affiliates of the NPR.

How to Apply for a Grant

Applying for an NPRHA grant involves showcasing the historical importance and excellence of your railway preservation project, alongside your organization’s capacity to successfully undertake it, including securing matching funds and volunteer involvement. Grants for railway preservation projects are capped at a maximum request amount. Eligible organizations may receive grants for two consecutive years, followed by a one-year interval before reapplying for additional support.
Applications for grants may be made at any time. Those received on or before March 1st  of any year will be evaluated for that year. Those received after March 1st will be evaluated for the following year. For more information, please contact:

View and download the Application Process Description and the Grant Application in the document library.